1. By enrolling in and using the Sharp/NEC deal registration program, reseller or distributor agrees to opting in to receive Sharp/NEC communications.

  2. Reseller must register all opportunities via the registration website.

  3. Any approved discounts as part of the program cannot be combined with any RFQ’s, PSP or Star Student discounts.

  4. Sharp/NEC can also supply you with marketing collateral. Visit the Partner Net at https://www.sharpnecdisplays.us/partners(PARTNER TOOLS > Order Literature)

  5. Only one reseller per project may qualify to register a project. This is based on a first some first serve basis for project and Sharp/NEC approval process.

  6. Sharp/NEC has right to contact End User to verify the project.

  7. Project Registration will not be issued if the deal registration participant has a registration with another manufacturer.

  8. Project Registrations are not issued for jobs specified by a consultant.

  9. If the project is National in scope or has multiple locations, a complete list of addresses and locations are required and must be submitted with the Project Registration Form and BOM.

  10. Reseller will receive email verification that the project registration has been approved.

  11. The project registration is valid for six-months from initial registration date. At the end of the six-months, a reseller may request an additional six-month registration period. All extensions must be requested by filling out the Project Extension Request Form prior to the expiration of the initial period.

  12. Sharp/NEC has the right to change or alter this program at any time. Sharp/NEC has right to change the discount amounts at any time.

  13. Sharp/NEC will protect the reseller that registered the opportunity.

  14. Sharp/NEC reserves the right to allow other resellers to bid on registered deals based on end-user request.